We are in this Together!


Staying Home with the Family means taking extra care of them. Learn the very basic and easy ways to cut men's hair at home with or without specific equipment.

Global emergency due to the COVID_19 spreading has set all the services and activities on pause starting March 2020 till further notice. We support and encourage everyone to Stay Home and get through the tough times faster.


Haircuts at Home

For a Husband


Hello Everyone! We are Masha and Maxim from Moscow, Russia. We watched Barber Online course and did a haircut at home. I think it's a very good one! Thank you!

For Family Members


With everything that's happening in the world we can't go out and get a haircut. So my kid's hair grew out and I went online and looked it up Barber Online. Over there they have some easy classes and instructions on how to give haircuts. So I took some of those classes and it came out pretty good. And I am giving haircuts to my family members, my father. I just suggest to you try it out and take a look. Arthur Rubinoff had put some interesting classes there very simple and easy to use. Snip snip and you're all good to go!

For a Friend


Hey guys, I just checked this online Barber course and you know what? I just buzzed my friend's hair and now it looks pretty good!

For a Son


I want to give a shout out to Arthur Rubinoff! I checked out his training how to cut hair thanks to that I was able to give my boy a decent haircut. All the best everybody stay safe during this crisis!